Q. As a team owner it must be quite exciting, all games of CPL 2021 are to be held in St. Kitts, how does it feel to be playing in your home ground?

A: Most definitely it is very exciting for us this year as we will be playing in our home ground. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase to the world on the facilities available at St. Kitts and I have to thank the St. Kitts Government for extending their continued support. No doubt the league is moving from strength to strength, and we are looking forward to it.

Q. Getting a perfectly balanced side through a draft system can be quite a challenge, how happy are you with the team mix for this season?

A: The draft system works well in its own unique way. As long as it’s a level playing field there should be no complaints. As far as the team composition goes, I personally feel we have what we wanted, and I am sure the support staff would agree (laughs). At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well they play as a unit.

Q: Organizational issues can be many during the pandemic. Last year CPL paved the way for the resumption of leagues, how do you see it this year?

A: What the CPL achieved last season, despite the pandemic was phenomenal. They literally set the ball rolling as far as resumption of franchise cricket was concerned. Luckily the situation looks relatively better with respect to the pandemic as well as our preparedness, nonetheless safety continues to be our top priority as we go about things this year.

Q. You have seen the competition evolve over the years, where will you put CPL in relation to other leagues? Not purely from a commerce point of view, more from a game perspective.

A: This is actually for the pundits, players and coaching staff to answer. As a team owner and avid follower of the game I can safely say, the CPL is high on quality and the team sheets are enough proof of that. Even on slightly slower tracks last season we saw some amazing cricket. I can say the CPL compares favorably with any other T20 league in the world.

Q: Are you satisfied with the selection of your support staff, were you able to bring in all the names that you wanted?

A: The list is not final yet, at the same time it won’t be much different from last year. At the end of the day, it’s not about big names but what each individual brings to the table and helps the team win.

Q. The St Kitts this year has the stalwarts of West Indian Cricket being a part of their team. How do you see their addition to your team mix?

A: We have ‘The Champion’ and the ‘Universal Bos’s playing as part of the same team for the first time in CPL’s history and their addition definitely brings a lot of confidence, experience and support to the St. Kitts team and I am sure it is going to be a delight to watch them play together this year.

Q: Finally, SKNP has always done their bit for the community, what are the plans this season?

A: It goes without saying that we are in this to give something back to the cricketing community. Developing the game at the grassroots will remain a huge focus. We will continue to keep trying to provide a fair base for youngsters from the region to showcase their skills at a higher level and the required platform for all who are interested in putting in the hard yards.